Over 30 years making Dallas beautiful.

Gail McCrory is dedicated to quality landscapes, both in terms of her stunning designs and by way of effective, sustainable management. From an installation that compliments your home's style to organic gardening principles that guide our maintenance programs, you'll be thrilled with the results.



Landscape & hardscape installation

We design living works of art and tend your garden like it was our own, so that you can live in harmony with your environment. Our landscape designs invite you to stroll, breathe deep and feel at peace in your own backyard.


edible gardens

The extensive economic, environmental, and health benefits of local organic farming are undeniable, and these benefits grow out of local farming and gardening projects, whether for a home, school or restaurant. Our work is our gift to our city.


water features

Water features add a sensory experience to any garden, yard or place of business.We create and maintain water features indoors and out, with a keen eye toward water management and conservation.

A Naturalist Spirit


Organic shapes, meandering flower beds, and snaking stone paths all define the classic English Garden style, a signature of Gail McCrory.


Design to fit your life.


Compliment your contemporary home with lush green and bold, sculptural plantings.



Don't just look, taste.


Here, we strive to seamlessly merge utility and aesthetics, to plan a delicious garden that's also beautiful. Our designs follow contemporary research in gardening practices.